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Cupix Announces SiteInsights to Digitally Track As-Built Construction Progress

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Cupix, the high-growth pioneer of cutting-edge 3D digital twin solutions for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries and facility owners, today announced the launch of SiteInsights, a powerful new feature of its CupixWorks 3D digital twin technology platform, to track progress seamlessly and stay one step ahead of changes. The end result is that projects run more smoothly, making it easier for owners to stay informed, and helping builders stay on time, on track and on budget.

One of the many unique key features of CupixWorks is the platform’s ability to combine information capture, ingestion, data analysis and context into a single system for tracking and managing construction progress. SiteInsights expands the power of the CupixWorks platform by quantifying job-site context and progress data users can ingest and analyze to make actionable, data-driven decisions faster than ever before.

SiteInsights will enable CupixWorks customers to leapfrog current visual project tracking by delivering on the widest range of quantifiable insights that ensure that projects remain on schedule and on budget. For example, SiteInsights reveals the proper time to generate subcontractor invoices based on the percentage of completed work. Also, SiteInsights can capture, quantify, and share percentage metrics on deviations that building elements experience between the original Building Information Management (BIM) file and as-built progress. This reduces errors and rework, and it provides a crucial metric that saves owners and project managers significant time and expenses.

“Job sites change daily, and general contractors and building owners need to extract high-value insights from progress tracking quickly and easily,” said Simon Bae, CEO and founder of Cupix. “SiteInsights delivers that in a whole new way.”

The new feature will provide several innovative capabilities that are already in high demand, including:

  • As-Built Updating. On-site updating of BIM files is typically ignored or happens, at best, on a quarterly basis. With SiteInsights, BIM managers and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) specialists have a system to streamline and share as-built updates.
  • Error Identification & Rework Prevention. Critical errors are often missed or overlooked on-site. By having an intelligent system that can analyze data captured on site alongside BIM files, SiteInsights can reduce deviation and site misses on a consistent basis.
  • Payment Reconciliation. By creating a single system and source of truth that tracks percentage completion of various project elements, owners, project managers and supervisors know when to generate invoices accordingly for general contractors and sub-contractors, preventing delays and removing friction from the payment process.
  • Progress & Schedule Updates. With better access to progress data on a regular basis, project managers can better schedule the flow of goods and services and prevent late deliveries.

SiteInsights works seamlessly with the CupixWorks platform, the industry’s most advanced 3D digital twin platform, enabling facility owners, general contractors and project managers to build smarter, transforming any construction site into an easy-to-manage project, creating value across the entire life cycle of a property. No longer just available to only large organizations, CupixWorks is democratizing 3D digital twin technologies to become the de facto standard in the industry for its ability to make construction projects more efficient and profitable, especially when working remotely.

SiteInsights is currently available via an invitation-only pilot program for AEC firms and building owners. It is already being deployed in construction sites around the world, where customers are finding new innovative ways to put it to good use. The pilot program aims to reveal use cases and capabilities that will complement the current feature before becoming generally available in the first half of 2022.