Pricing Based on Usage,
Not Your Budget

The CupixWorks price is based on how and when you use the solution — not the budget of your project. CupixWorks is built to scale to the needs of each customer and help them succeed.

Flexible Pricing Based on Your Needs

Our pricing is based on three factors: the size of your project site, the frequency of capture, and the optional software features you need. Start from per-project licensing and scale up to corporate licensing and volume discounts as needed.


Square footage of the sites



Frequency of site capture



Optional features grouped by packages



Introducing our official 360 camera partner - Insta360

Now in partnership, capture your jobsite using our best-fit hardware vendor, Insta360. Insta360’s compatible 360 camera provides fast capture and affordable pricing for all types of projects. Receive a special discount using the link below!