Respond to Common Health Care Construction Challenges 

Our technology improves your ability to monitor, analyze and share job site data. Use our hospital site reality capture tools to: 
Management & Repair
Facility managers must address maintenance issues promptly, ensuring that facilities, fixtures, lighting, HVAC systems, and restrooms are in good condition. Timely repairs are crucial to customer satisfaction and safety.
Security & Loss Prevention
Retail stores are susceptible to theft. Implementing security measures, such as surveillance systems, anti-shoplifting devices, and employee training, is essential to prevent losses and maintain a secure shopping environment.
Emergency Preparedness
Retail stores need to be prepared for emergencies, such as fire or medical incidents. Developing and implementing emergency response plans, training staff, and ensuring the availability of safety equipment are essential challenges in facility management.
Decrease in travel time by remote inspection
Square feet captured for retail sites
Space Utilization Optimization
Facility managers identify underutilized areas, rearrange displays for better customer flow, and optimize shelf layouts. This  improves the overall shopping experience and maximizes the retail space's potential.
Virtual walkthroughs of the facility enable maintenance teams and service providers to remotely explore the facility, discuss issues, coordinate repairs and plan renovations.
Emergency Preparedness
Leverage comprehensive visual records to plan for training staff and conducting safety simulations, as well as locating surveillance system.
198 Million SF
Captured Worldwide

Data Center

Data Center
430,000 SF
Texas, USA
Use Case
360 Photo Construction Site Documentation
SiteInsights - Construction Progress Tracking
Drone Aerial Capture & Orthomosaic
BIM vs Reality Comparison

“CupixWorks gave us a quick solution for 360° video site capture with minimal effort. But what really surprised us were all the powerful features, such as comprehensive BIM workflow support and seamless integrations with other systems. Cupix is a game-changer.”

Patrick Krzyzosiak
Director of VDC & Technology

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