Respond to Common Health Care Construction Challenges 

Our technology improves your ability to monitor, analyze and share job site data. Use our hospital site reality capture tools to: 
Precision & Accuracy
Laboratories require high precision and accuracy in construction to ensure that experiments are not compromised. The construction process must maintain a controlled environment to prevent interference with sensitive experiments.
Emergency Response
Appropriate emergency response systems and protocols for handling chemicals, accidents and evacuation process are vital to maintenance.
Future Expansion
Biomedical research is constantly evolving, and laboratories need to be designed with flexibility for future expansion and technological advancements.
Project Coordination
Biomedical projects involve coordination between architects, engineers, scientists, safety experts, and regulatory agencies. Effective communication is vital to maintain the project’s schedule.
Fewer errors in construction with early issue detection & accurate documentation
Square feet captured for biomedical projects
Precision is the key to success. With numerous systems intertwined in limited space, Cupix can analyze the exact location of each component of the system, ensuring facility integrity.
Leverage comprehensive visual records to plan for training staff and conducting safety simulations as well as locating surveillance systems.
As-Built Documentation
Cupix technology captures the site's current state with precision, creating a detailed digital twin of the space. It will serve as a reference for compliance audits and future modifications.
Virtual walkthroughs of the site enable stakeholders to remotely explore the 3D models, making it easier for researchers, safety experts, and regulatory agencies to collaborate, provide feedback, and make decisions faster.

“We used to have to spend 3 hours getting a full field report out the door weekly to communicate progress, but now we are able to rely on a 20 minute walk that can be done by a less experienced partner. So that's tangible savings!”

Breanne Hanson
Senior Engineer, The Brandt Companies
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Data Center
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Use Case
360 Photo Construction Site Documentation
SiteInsights - Construction Progress Tracking
Drone Aerial Capture & Orthomosaic
BIM vs Reality Comparison

“CupixWorks gave us a quick solution for 360° video site capture with minimal effort. But what really surprised us were all the powerful features, such as comprehensive BIM workflow support and seamless integrations with other systems. Cupix is a game-changer.”

Patrick Krzyzosiak
Director of VDC & Technology

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