Respond to Common Health Care Construction Challenges 

Our technology improves your ability to monitor, analyze and share job site data. Use our hospital site reality capture tools to: 
Predictive Maintenance
Facility managers face the challenge of implementing predictive maintenance programs to anticipate equipment failures, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of machinery.
Complex Machinery
Managing and maintaining highly specialized and complex machinery requires skilled technicians and specialized knowledge. Ensuring that staff is trained to handle the intricacies of different machines is a challenge.
Space Utilization
Manufacturing facilities require efficient use of space to accommodate machinery, production lines, storage, and workflow processes. Optimizing space utilization for maximum efficiency without compromising safety and accessibility is a demanding task.
Workforce Management
Managing a skilled workforce is crucial for manufacturing facilities. Attracting, training, and retaining skilled technicians, engineers, and production staff is critical, especially in regions facing a shortage of qualified professionals.
Increased training effectiveness with virtual training
Square feet captured for manufacturing sites
Cupix technology captures the site's current state with precision, creating a detailed digital twin of the space, serving as a reference for future modifications, assessments and audits.
As-Built Documentation
Virtual walkthroughs of the site enable plant operators to remotely explore their spaces, making it easier for them to investigate issues, provide feedback, and make decisions faster without visiting the site.
Training & Simulation
Facility managers can use 3D models for employee training. Virtual walkthroughs and simulations within the 3D environment can help employees familiarize themselves with the facility layout, machinery, and safety protocols.
198 Million SF
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Data Center

Data Center
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360 Photo Construction Site Documentation
SiteInsights - Construction Progress Tracking
Drone Aerial Capture & Orthomosaic
BIM vs Reality Comparison

“CupixWorks gave us a quick solution for 360° video site capture with minimal effort. But what really surprised us were all the powerful features, such as comprehensive BIM workflow support and seamless integrations with other systems. Cupix is a game-changer.”

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