Office and Mixed-Use

Mega Scale
Commercial projects are typically large-scale, requiring extensive planning, coordination, and management. Managing a large workforce, complex supply chains, and numerous stakeholders presents unique challenges.
Quality Control
Ensuring high-quality construction while dealing with a large number of subcontractors and construction teams requires coordination and analysis of multiple up-to-date BIM files and frequent 3D reality capture.
Tenant Requirement
There may be specific requirements from tenants, such as customized interior spaces or specialized infrastructure. The project team must meet these demands while adhering to overall project goals.
Logistics & Site Management
Managing the logistics of large construction sites, including material deliveries, equipment placement, and waste management, requires careful planning and plays a key role in budget and timeline.
Less delay with greater visibility and schedule optimization
Square feet captured for office projects
Mega Project Support
Cupix technology seamlessly handles mega projects with multiple BIM files and large file sizes. It can dramatically enhance collaboration quality among a large number of trades on construction teams.
Remote Access
Virtual walkthroughs of the site enable tenants to remotely explore their spaces, making it easier for them to request specific demands, provide feedback, and make decisions faster without visiting the site.
Logistics Documentation
With a simple 360 video walk, frequent recurring captures of specific areas can track inventories, equipment placement, and material stock over time.

“We have selected Cupix to efficiently capture construction site progress and seamlessly integrate 3D models with the physical world. Cupix allows us to track progress and has improved on-site and off-site decision making.”

Ramsay Horton
Head of Innovation, Built
198 Million SF
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Data Center

Data Center
430,000 SF
Texas, USA
Use Case
360 Photo Construction Site Documentation
SiteInsights - Construction Progress Tracking
Drone Aerial Capture & Orthomosaic
BIM vs Reality Comparison

“CupixWorks gave us a quick solution for 360° video site capture with minimal effort. But what really surprised us were all the powerful features, such as comprehensive BIM workflow support and seamless integrations with other systems. Cupix is a game-changer.”

Patrick Krzyzosiak
Director of VDC & Technology

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