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Our mission is to empower contractors and owners everywhere to build smart.

We are the trusted partner of choice for delivering the industry's most advanced and easiest-to-use AI-powered as-built 4D digital twin platform, enabling transparency and improving productivity and quality.

Cubic + Pictures =
Beyond pictures, point cloud, or 3D geometry! We are the pioneer democratizing a new media type that can convey the sense of space in 3D with high fidelity visual context.

The Cupix Difference

Our vision goes beyond 3D digital twins or smart cities.We see a world that learns how to Build Smart. We see a world in which builders and owners everywhere can visualize resources, workflows, digital services, environmental impact, risks and rewards in everything they build and manage. And it starts by revolutionizing the way builders and owners create value in their projects and properties across the entire built-world lifecycle.

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  • 3003 N. 1st St. #204, San Jose, CA 95134

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