Industry's Most Advanced
3D Digital Twin Platform

Quickly capture your site in a 3D digital twin. Manage remotely via 3D spatial contexts with life-like 3D navigation that feels like you're on-site. Take yourself to levels, areas, and rooms using the same context in your architectural design.

Comprehensive BIM support

Streamlined BIM-based construction workflow integration enables you to make the most out of your BIM/VDC investments.

Automatic room data extraction from Revit as 3D spatial contexts
One button updates when files are revised
BIM and point cloud deviation analysis

State-of-the-art collaboration

Our real-time 3D digital twin collaboration tool, SiteView, offers life-like virtual remote site navigation, progress tracking, as-built vs. BIM analysis, 3D measurements, and 3D annotations.

You can instantly share SiteView with global stakeholders with highly granular access permission. Plus, you can see who is online and where they are navigating in real-time, enabling collaboration across teams that’s based on what’s actually happening, in 3D, at the actual site.

Easy to Deploy

Fastest and easiest way to create and share 3D digital twin using a 360 camera and our dedicated capture app
Built-in integration with BIM360, ProCore, and PlanGrid.
API-based integration with existing project management systems.
Easy to Deploy

Industry's easiest and most flexible site capture

CupixWorks is ideal for any customer scenario or project type — from basic buildings to highly technical facilities, bridges and roads. And our site capture technology is flexible and adaptable to work in multiple environments, from plain spaces to tight spaces, above-the-ceiling, rooftops and drone-mounted birds-eye views.
Unmatched Flexibility

Leverage 3D reality
capture data

Import any form of point cloud data into our unified 3D digital twin platform — including terrestrial and hand-held LiDAR scanners, drone photogrammetry, robots, and custom-built reality capture systems

Visualize and Compare
Open massive point cloud data alongside 360° photos and BIM. Share them all with annotations and markups using only a web browser.
Precision Alignment
Align point cloud data, BIM, and sheets to a 360° photo capture by using our constraint-based 3D alignment tools.
Hybrid Capture
Capture the entire site with the Cupix Capture Mobile App, then use LiDAR scanners to document areas with highly detailed geometry.
Cross Data Measurement
Take precise measurements from point cloud data, 360° photos, or BIM objects in both 2D and 3D.

Secure Collaboration and Control

Industry’s most advanced data access permission settings
All files placed within your own AWS cloud service
ISO 27001 and CSA STAR certifications
Ability to whitelist IP addresses when accessing CDN
Two step verification