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Cupix Announces Expansion into Australia and NZ

Cupix’s best-in-class spatial digital twin technology is a game changer for construction teams, making them faster and more productive than ever before.

SYDNEY: September 13, 2022. Cupix, a global spatial digital twin platform that provides visualisation and analytics for owners and builders across the entire built-world lifecycle— has announced the launch of their local ANZ office in Sydney, Australia as it looks to deliver outstanding data and visualisation efficiencies to the construction industry across Australia and New Zealand.

All project stakeholders can access the Cupix platform to collaborate during the design and build stages, and also draw insights from the data being captured on site. CupixWorks provides the ability to measure installed items against designed(BIM) items, for improved transparency and collaboration between the design and build teams. Automated progress tracking visualisations in the BIM model to quickly highlight what has been built and what is left to come.

Ramsay Horton, Head of Innovation at Built stated, “As a part of our National Digital Engineering rollout, we chose Cupix to help us document progress on site and to bring the virtual (3D models) and the physical (site) worlds together. The straightforward ‘setup and go’ process with Cupix has enabled us to roll the platform out to our site teams quickly, and to have them capturing the site for record keeping purposes more frequently than using traditional methods.” 

“We’re also using Cupix for internal communication & brainstorming, as well as for external communication (clients, consultants and subcontractors) to complete remote site walks, discuss upcoming works, challenging areas, progress over time and brainstorming solutions,” said Horton.  

Brett Moffitt, Cupix’s Australian Manager, stated “Opening the office represents our focus in Australia and New Zealand and empowers construction sites to be more efficient, whilst developing Spatial Digital Twins for construction projects to help reduce rework, delay and automate manual progress tracking workflows. We are excited about investing in this region and delivering to our customers an easy to use 3D site capture with much higher quality data”, says Moffit.

Brett Moffitt is ANZ Director  at Cupix.