Cupix can help you Build Smart

Capture your jobsite in 3D with our simple-to-use mobile app while controlling a 360 camera. Then collaborate by sharing a variety of information related to built-world lifecycle. All through a single platform.

Key Features

Issue Tracking
Quickly capture your site in a 3D digital twin. Manage remotely via 3D spatial contexts with life-like 3D navigation that feels like you're on-site. Take yourself to levels, areas, and rooms using the same context in your architectural design.
Our real-time 3D digital twin collaboration tool, SiteView, offers life-like virtual remote site navigation, progress tracking, as-built vs BIM analysis, 3D measurements, and 3D annotations.
Direct BIM Integration
Built-in integration with BIM360, Procore, and PlanGrid enables you to make the most out of your BIM/VDC investments. Connect your projects with existing project management systems to reduce rework and manage jobsite issues remotely.
“CupixWorks lets everyone across an entire construction project see the right data. Everyone gets value. Everyone benefits. It just makes everything a lot easier.”
Shane Flanagan
Senior Project Manager
Dome Construction
"Cupix's onboarding of technical requirements and customer service support is phenomenal. They've listened to all our requirements and helped us curate cost-effective solutions at every turn. Besides, their user interface is both intuitive and versatile in adapting to our highly demanding project specifications and/or job site constraints. My colleagues and I are excited to experience firsthand the benefits of remote site coordination & inspections over the course of the next quarter."
Andrew Xiao
APAC Technical Program Manager
“CupixWorks gave us a quick solution for 360-degree photo documentation with minimal effort. But what really surprised us were all the additional features, like BIM overlay and Procore integration. Cupix is a game-changer.”
Patrick Krzyzosiak
Director of VDC & Technology
Rudolph and Sletten