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"Cupix provides the most collaborative and easy-to-use platform for remotely inspecting vessels—anywhere on the globe. The solution’s inherent flexibility and responsiveness to client requirements are game-changing, opening a new way of managing our fleet and saving costs."
Lars Laugen
Project Manager - Digitalization of Fleet Operations
Torvald Klaveness
"Our reasons for selecting Cupix were simple—the solution offers better functionality and more competitive pricing than any other competing product. Its BIM integration allows for greater field supervision, construction review and quality control, as well as more streamlined communication with overseas clients and project managers. With the documentation provided by a CupixWorks 3D digital twin, we can respond more effectively to potential quality issues, even after a subcontractor’s work is complete."
Byungsoo Lee
VDC Manager
Kukbo Design
"CupixWorks is an efficient and versatile solution that transforms raw photo data into an indispensable 3D digital twin. We can quickly and remotely document the progress of multiple construction sites, and perform vital quality control by bringing BIM data into the interface to compare with the 3D digital twin."
Yeon-suk Jeong
General Manager, Ph.D