Getting Started

Getting started with CupixWorks couldn't be easier. We offer fast, friendly and flexible onboarding services for every kind of customer. Whether you're new to this kind of technology, or a BIM/VDC pro, we've got you covered. With easy-to-use quick-start kits, templates, and professional service teams, Cupix can help reduce your start-up time from months or weeks to just a few days.

The Right Equipment for Every Jobsite

We provide carefully selected equipment to ensure everyone gets off to an easy start. Our sets include a 360 camera, a drone of your choice that can best serve your needs, and any other necessary accessories you might need.

Onboarding Support with Decades of Experience

Our customer success team helps you identify and customize the best practices you require, sets up project templates and ensures successful onboarding within a few days, not weeks.

100+ years
combined experience in:
AEC project management
AEC software training
BIM/VDC consultation
As-built reality capture
3D digital twin deployment

DIY Project Templates

Ready to get started on your own? We offer DIY project templates for more advanced customers. All our support tools are also available as convenient Web-app features that your team can use to help scale and accelerate adoption across your entire organization.