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Beta Features

Beta features are ones that just came out of development projects and we couldn’t wait to get your feedback on. We’re providing you with early access, even if there could be rough edges. Please be mindful of the risk when trying out these features as things might go wrong.

    • Cupix SLAM App
  • Cupix Beta

    Cupix SLAM App

    Take 360° photos using the SLAM mobile app, and 3D capture experience will be drastically streamlined. RICOH Theta, Xiaomi Mi Sphere, Madventure 360, and Insta360 ONE X cameras can be directly controlled. No extra localization sensors like 3D lasers or Beacon needed.

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  • Cupix Beta

    Import Panos

    Do you want to create a 3D tour from photo-realistically rendered images or panoramic photos from a 3D scanner? Import Panos provides a fast and simple way to make a 3D tour in case you already know photos' 3D coordinates information.

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    • Import Panos