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Serving the entire AEC ecosystem across the entire built-world lifecycle


Managing construction sites and facilities can be costly, complex and risky. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture—and easy to miss the most important details. But with Cupix, owners get total visibility across the entire life cycle of all their properties, from anywhere, so they can eliminate surprises and lower costs. Our solution, CupixWorks, is the industry’s most flexible and easiest to deploy 3D digital twin platform, giving owners the collaboration, confidence and control they need. In short, we help owners Build Smart.

General Contractors

For general contractors, nothing is more important than a reputation for reliability. But it’s not always easy to stay on time, on budget and on target. That’s why CupixWorks gives general contractors the collaboration, confidence and control they need to eliminate surprises, boost productivity, keep people safe and win repeat business. In short, we help general contractors Build Smart, no matter where they are.

Project Managers

Project managers are the miracle-workers of the construction world, keeping everyone on time, on budget and target, site after site. The last thing they need are surprises or delays. That’s why more and more of them are using CupixWorks. Our solution helps project managers eliminate surprises and lower costs by keeping everyone on the same page and boosting productivity, from anywhere. In short, we give them the collaboration, confidence and control they need to Build Smart.

BIM/VDC Specialist

BIM/VDC specialists are vital to the success of any construction project. Not only can they fix complex issues, with the right tools and processes in place they can solve problems before they arise. That’s why CupixWorks is rapidly becoming the 3D digital twin platform of choice for BIM/VDC experts. Our flexible and easy to use platform maximizes the value of their 3D models by making sure they always reflect what’s actually happening on-site. Plus, we offer more robust features, customization and ease of coordination than any other solution. In short, Cupix gives them the collaboration, confidence and control they need to Build Smart.

Property Managers

Property managers turn physical spaces into profits. And that’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially when it’s hard to see everything that’s happening across the life cycle of all your properties. That’s why CupixWorks offers property managers total visibility into their properties — from anywhere — to help them reduce costs, complexities and surprises across their entire portfolio. Whether it’s providing virtual tours to attract new tenants, overseeing property repairs and upgrades, or even anticipating and preventing problems on-site, Cupix gives property managers the collaboration, confidence and control they need.